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Boat Rental Miami Information for Guests

There can be some age limits for boat rental Miami guests so be sure to check with your specific boat rental. Adults will need to monitor children closely while on board. If you are spending the time on your boat rental Miami children will need to be placed in the safest cabin. The best is the front one. Children can go sailing form an early age but there should be a safety net along the side of the boat and kids should always be wearing life vests. It’s recommended that babies not be on board until they are at least 18 pounds and can wear a life vest. The average time for a baby to reach 18 pounds is 7 months for boys and 9 months for girls. A car seat on a boat is not safe since it will sink if it falls into the water.

Be sure to bring food along for your children because the food they enjoy may not always be available at the marina’s market.

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