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At Anker Charters, we synonymize what we offer with the word Freedom. We believe in a culture that offers our clients the finest experiences the world can offer on the open seas and at their destination of port. While yachting offers everyone a chance to explore the world’s four corners, we strive to offer you the most unique experiences.


The finest fleet of high-end imported yachts will offer you the most comfortable of settings on the high seas. With our attention to detail and sense of perfection, Anker Charters will provide you with a fantastic vacation experience beyond your wildest dreams. 


We will tailor to your needs and desires to make your travels with friends and family the most memorable trip you have ever had! Our knowledgeable captains and crew will service your wishes to the highest standard in the business. We guarantee you a great time around Florida and other International destinations. Let us know what we can do to make your experience exceptional.


See you soon!

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