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What to Bring on Miami Yacht Charters

For Miami yacht charters, keep in mind you should bring soft-sided luggage since storage space can be restricted. Many yachts will ask you to abide by the bare feet rule while on the board. Tennis shoes and a good pair of sandals should be ideal when you are roaming around the deck. Black soled shoes can leave scuff marks.

For clothing, consider the destination for Miami yacht charters. For time in the sun, be sure to pack clothes that will keep you cool. Consider come summer dresses or trousers and collared shorts if you want to eat onboard. Don’t forget that headwear and sunglasses are necessary when being exposed to the sun. A good book and a camera are also necessities. You may also want to consider bringing an extra hat since the wind on the water can easily claim a hat.

Don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera case, your charter contracts and travel documents, visa documents, passports, and any prescriptions if needed.

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