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What to Know before You Get a Rental Boat

If you are thinking about a rental boat in Miami, FL, there are some things you should know. Peak seasons for boat rentals is during the summer so prospective boaters should make rental reservations in advance. Boating experts recommend that boaters prepare for different weather conditions and know that they could be on the water for hours. Bring layers of clothing and bring a cooler for beverages.

Each state will have its own laws for whether drivers will need to complete a boating education class before operating a rental boat. Renters are responsible for the damage and injuries suffered so it’s important to discuss with your insurance company if you are covered. Age requirements to rent a boat can vary by the company. If you are interested in a specific rental boat, do some research to see what the options are in your area. Many companies will also have accessories, such as wakeboards and skis for rent, or you can bring your own.

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