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Yacht Charter Miami On Board Etiquette

Yacht charter Miami guests will have to abide by some etiquette while they are on board.

Treat your yacht charter as your home away from home. Owners offer luxury yachts for charter understanding that they will be treated well. Keep this in mind for your own behavior and your guest’s behavior.

It’s customary on board to keep shoes off to not leave any scuff marks. Be sure you have the right deck shoes for moving around the deck. If you wear outdoor shoes ashore, remove them before you get back on the yacht.

Respect the privacy of the crew. Crew quarters shouldn’t be entered without an invitation.

Children are welcome on many yacht charters but it’s important that guests are responsible for them. Crew members will not be expected to babysit.

Smoking is usually not allowed inside. Some boats may have a deck space where smoking can be permitted. Smoking on a yacht charter in Miami, FL, will depend on the owner.

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