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Understanding Yacht Charters Miami Contracts

With yacht charters Miami guests will need to have a contract in place. The contract will include locations and dates of the charter, details of the payment structure, and warnings to not engage in unacceptable behavior.

For yacht charters Miami guests will usually have Caribbean Terms Inclusive (CTI). These terms are often described as mostly all-inclusive but can depend on the individual yacht owner.

There are some important considerations for yacht contractors. Think about the fuel. If you or a guest wants to exceed cruising speed or use jet skis and electricity while at anchor, more fuel will need to be applied to the cost. It’s important that each charter guest also understands the contract and how they will be affected by it. Even if a contract seems overwhelming, it’s there to protect both you and the yacht owner. It’s important that you or a guest speak up if you are unsure about any part of the contract. Charter brokers are experts and can help explain contracts.

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